Super Quick Electric

Our Story

With a passion for genuine freedom, Super Quick Electric was founded to help Australians become energy self sufficient.


The rapid uptake of electric cars and the end being in sight for high feed-in tarrifs, the only option for those of us going forward right now is battery storage.

Robert Stephan

- Director - 

Passionate about renewable energy

Our Technology

We use the latest technology solar panels and lithium batteries, installed with $0 up front and monthly payments that are much lower than your current power bills.

Our Vision

Our short term vision is to give you independence from the electricity grid and to save you money at the same time.


Our medium term vision is to help our clients feed an abundance of renewable energy into the electricity grid and ultimately make the burning of fossil fuels like coal, gas, petrol and diesel unviable.


Our long term goal is to be instrumental in transforming the electricity grid from a single base load source of dirty electricity, into a multi source, open market grid, allowing anyone with solar panels, wind/hydro and batteries to sell back into the grid on demand.

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