Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the advantage of having a battery as well as solar panels?

A: Even though you can have up to 10kW per phase, most networks restrict your exports to 5kW per hour. Which means the sun may be shining but your system may have up to 50% of its production wasted. A battery allows you to put that power somewhere to use later. Plus, you have back-up power in case of a blackout. Save money by using less power from the grid, protect yourself against rising costs and falling export prices. 

Q: What if I am already on a high feed in tariff now but want a battery?

A: It may be worthwhile, please contact us for more information.


Q: Where will the battery be installed at my place?

A:We usually install inside the garage, the systems are weatherproof and can go anywhere except in extreme sunlight, though we can fit a shade if required.

Q: What does the battery look like?

A: Modern, sleek design. Blends in well with all decor. Modular battery and inverter system connects together seamlessly and has a low profile. Would suit just about any house design.


Q: What if I already have existing solar on my roof, can I still add a battery?

A: Yes, our system is compatible with any existing inverter. You can also add more solar panels if required.

Q: When should I expect my solar/battery to be working once installed?

A: It will work immediately after installation, once the system has been commissioned, however you may need to leave the system turned off if a network smart meter needs to be fitted by your energy retailer.


Q: Can I monitor my solar and batteries online?

A: Yes, either by the phone app or website.


Q: How long will the battery last?

A: The batteries we use are designed to do 6000+ cycles. If it were to cycle once a day, it would last around 16 years. 


Q: How long will the solar panels last?

A: They are designed to last 25 years with some degradation.


Q: Do my solar panels need cleaning?

A: Usually no, but it depends on the angle, the location and the amount of dirt in the air. 


Q: Do all battery systems provide battery backup?

A: Our power systems have a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) battery backup system with a dedicated backup circuit and multi day backup protection, being both AC &/or DC coupled. 

Not all battery systems can provide backup power. Of those that do, some are not UPS. Of the systems that are UPS, few have a dedicated backup circuit with multi day backup protection, as our systems do. An AC coupled battery without a dedicated backup circuit can experience fast loss of power through rapid discharge while in backup mode, or it could overload due to too many devices connected to the circuit.


Q: Why should I get a battery now and not in one years time?

A: It is cheaper to get a battery now than to buy power from the grid, battery prices have levelled out, so the time to start saving is now. Waiting a year to buy a battery could cost you $2,000.00 on average in power bills. This money could be invested into a battery, paying it off sooner.


Q: How long will installation take?

A: Normally finished within one day, subject to weather.


Q: How will I know if my house is suitable for solar and batteries?

A: We will inspect and assess your home for suitability.


Q: What will happen if I experience a blackout?

A: With the UPS backup protection your fridge and lights will continue to run, however other devices that are not connected to the UPS backup circuit will switch off.


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